Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures – OUT NOW!

We are super excited to announce that this morning Meow Entertainment together with publisher Beeline Interactive, Inc. released Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures lets players take care of cute, cuddly and fuzzy creatures called Fumbies – that lives high above the clouds on floating islands.

Players need to make sure that their Fumbies are always happy and high on life because when they are the players can train their Fumbies in one of three different attributes. The Fumbies can either be Strong, intelligent or Charismatic.

Depending on which attribute the player choose to train, the Fumbies gain more and more content that corresponds to that attribute. The player can for example dress the Fumbie up as a princess (if it’s charismatic Fumbie) or as a football player (if it’s strong Fumbie).

In addition to taking care of and training the Fumbies, players can play one out of three different minigames.

For the full press release check out the following link:

PRESS RELEASE – Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures – Out Now

And you’ll find the game here: