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By Mark Taylor and Jim Roberts

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I finally snapped. “Is there something going on between you and Jude? ” Not yet anyway, but maybe… “Okay. ” Stephanie frowned. “Probably just a couple. ” “You won’t be using it. ” Who was she? One of the three bears? “He’s not a stranger. ” My mouth dropped open. Had she not practically snuggled up against him on the couch last night, taking over my snuggling position? ” She had a private room. Her parents paid big bucks so she wouldn’t have to share. Stephanie shook her head. “Sorry. I’ll be locking the door when I leave.

That was the big question. Paul was actually very okay with the idea. Quite relieved in fact. I left Jude in his office so Paul could explain things, and went to turn in our dinner order. All the heady aromas of the kitchen wafted around me as I helped Mel finish getting things ready. ” Chef called out. I grabbed my dinner and Jude’s. He was sitting at the table where I’d left him earlier. He looked extremely happy to see the steak I set before him. Jude rubbed his hands together. ” I shook my head.

Sorry, I’m too busy at the moment for chit-chat. ” “Thank you, sir,” Jude said. ” Paul nodded and went back to his papers. I escorted Jude to the dining room. The lights were turned low. Soft music played in the background. I caught sight of Mel lighting the candle on a nearby table. “Hey, Mel,” I said. Without turning to look at me, she growled. “Two of the busboys called in sick. ” Sick? I thought. Yeah, right. The first Saturday after finals? Did they think we’d all been born yesterday? Tonight would be more insane than usual.

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