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By Marion Bowers, Robert Hale, Heather Wood

"Perversion is taken to intend various things inside of psychoanalytic discourse. during this publication the authors view perversions, no longer when it comes to particular behaviours, yet as a kind of blueprint for item kinfolk. whereas perversions may well contain a quest for pleasure via intercourse, medicines or playing, for instance, the focal point this is at the underlying incapacity--or certainly from time to time refusal--to relate to the opposite as become independent from the self and never as a narcissistic appendage. it's the anxieties aroused by way of intimacy and relatedness that force the pursuit of ecstasy and pleasure. Psychoanalytic considering will help multidisciplinary groups to face again and reply to the addictive frame of mind in humane and containing ways in which usually are not collusive. This e-book hence presents wealthy meals for proposal not just for the person practitioner but in addition for these answerable for shaping prone for addicted individuals."
-- Alessandra Lemma, from the Preface

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Uk). Children of parents with hidden, socially “shameful”, or illegal addictions are required to keep secrets and often become adept at lying to people in authority. Addictions cause rifts between generations, and young children may be deprived of contact with their extended family as a result of estrangements between partners, among siblings, or between parents and the grandparental generation. The most common forms of parental addiction impacting on children’s lives are, of course, addiction to alcohol and to mind-altering drugs.

Both men and women can become obsessed with sex, with plastic surgery, or with body piercing. These may seem much less dangerous or less fixed than drug or alcohol dependency, but they all have a potentially devastating effect on the individual personality and therefore on family relationships. Other chapters in this volume concern themselves with the particular aspects of different addictive behaviours. However, in terms of the impact on children, all addictions have one thing in common. The parent is preoccupied, most if not all of the time, with something other than the child.

She would also have been simply unavailable for periods of time. Williams (1997a) has drawn attention to the way in which some mothers not only fail to contain their baby’s distress (Bion, 1962) but actively add to it (unconsciously) by projecting their own state of mind into the baby. She contrasts what Bion called “alpha function” in a mother’s relationship with her baby with what she has called “omega function”. Bion defined alpha function as the means by which unmetabolized, affective experience is transformed into conscious thought.

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