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By Carole Bell Ford

After international battle II the ladies membership of Brooklyn, big apple, turned domestic and shelter to a small team of younger girls, orphaned within the Holocaust, whose tales characterize the studies of tens of millions of kid survivors. This ebook follows them from early life to the current as they, opposite to early predictions, outfitted new and profitable lives in the US. In outdated age the ladies, once more, are defying bleak expectancies.

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Bronka remembers attending school in the ghetto for one or two years, studying Yiddish, Hebrew, and German, among other subjects such as instruction in knitting. There even was a summer camp and other facilities used throughout the year in Marysin, a Lodz suburb; Lusia’s mother taught school at an orphanage there. But it wasn’t to last. When 20,000 Jews who had been deported from Western Europe arrived in the ghetto, living space became ever more impossible to manage. Schools that were closed in order to house the new arrivals were supposed to reopen and resume classes, but they never did.

Traditionally, but also among secular Jews, children are cherished by Jewish families and communities. There are always individual exceptions, of course, which challenge generalizations. But this deeply embedded value has been tenacious in Jewish culture. As noted earlier, even in prewar Poland and despite the ever-increasing poverty among Jews, life remained relatively normal for many children. They were generally “provided for physically, religiously and educationally” (Sternberg & Rosenbloom, 2000, p.

13. According to data from the Central Commision for Investigation of German Crimes in Poland. Also in Browning (2004). 00 3 Growing Up Coming of Age in a Nightmare When I look back, it’s just a bad dream. 1 Until recently however, child survivors’ stories such as theirs, writes Deborah Dwork in Children with a Star, were “conspicuously, glaringly and screamingly absent” from the Holocaust literature (1991, p. 253). That literature has been significantly enriched since the voices of child survivors who were “silent for forty years” have begun to be included in collections of witness testimonies (Dasberg, 2001, p.

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