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This ebook is the 1st of a multivolume sequence dedicated to an exposition of sensible research tools in smooth mathematical physics. It describes the basic ideas of useful research and is largely self-contained, even if there are occasional references to later volumes. we've integrated a number of functions once we inspiration that they might offer motivation for the reader.

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Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 180, No. 1-3, (2006) 30-36, ISSN 0924-0136 Mahallawy, N. ; Shehata, F. ; Hameed, M. A. ; Aal, M. I. A. E. & Kim, H. S. (2010). 3D FEM simulations for the homogeneity of plastic deformation in Al–Cu alloys during ECAP. Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 527, No. ; Santamarta, R. & Cesari, E. (2010). Structure investigations of ferromagnetic Co-Ni-Al alloys obtained by powder metallurgy. Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 237, No. ; Lins, J. F. ; Moreira, L.

Distribution of strain rate intensity along to cross-section in 550th computational step: a) database material, and b) experimental material materials. In simulation to take heat transfer into consideration, for that reason during the ECAP process can to observe a heating of forming tools too. It is important point that temperature of forming tool not allowed to reach a tempering grade. , 2007) that the significant recovery process can be recognized for temperatures over 300 °C. Fig. 32. Temperature development during ECAP process and heating of forming tools: a) database material, and b) experimental material 4.

45, No. ; Kočiško, R. & Donič, T. (2010). Influence of strain rate on ultimate tensile stress of coarse-grained and ultrafine-grained copper. Materials Letters, Vol. 64, No. ; Pokorný, I. & Milkovič, O. (2010). Nanostructure formation and properties in some Al alloys after SPD and heat treatment. Materials Science Forum, Vol. ; Bourke, M. A. ; Beyerlein, I. ; Alexander, D. J. & Clausen B. (2004). Finite element analysis of the plastic deformation zone and working load in equal channel angular extrusion.

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