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By Jude Deveraux

Darci hasn't ever given up looking for her abducted husband, Adam Montgomery. yet her quest has taken her deeper into the area of psychic phenomena than she ever dreamed -- or dared to head. while the FBI enlists her assist in finding the lacking father of secret agent Jack Rose, Darci symptoms on for the covert operation, no longer realizing that her allure to good-looking, attractive Jack is set to steer her into lethal territory -- and into an period gone. For Jack has a protector, a mysterious nineteenth-century woman who pulls them right into a time and position the place Darci is stripped of her skills. Can she locate the main that hyperlinks to the modern day crimes she's got down to remedy? and may a showdown with a depraved strength from the previous carry her hostage...for all eternity?

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They had grown up believ-ing they were entitled to whatever the world had to offer. As Jack had stood on the carpet answering perfunctory questions about his qualifications, he'd easily been able to imagine what would happen to the Hall-brooke billions if these leeches got hold of them. There were some brochures on top of the piano: cars, yachts, real estate in Monaco. When Jack was a child he'd overheard his father tell his lawyer that he didn't plan to leave anyone a penny when he died. " It had taken all Jack's strength to keep from bursting into the room and shouting that he didn't want his father's dirty ol' money anyway.

With all my heart," he said out loud. Turning, Chrissy looked at Jack. Even though he was sitting next to Darci, Chrissy never looked at her. Her eyes were only on Jack. "My darling," Chrissy said and went to Jack, her arms outstretched. To Darci's disbelief, Jack held her away. Was he going to ruin their only chance to find out about this woman who haunted him? "I'm sorry, but I don't know you," Jack said formally. "At least I don't think I do. " D:/…/Jude Deveraux - {Forever 01] - Alwa… 44/224 3/16/2010 Jude Deveraux - Always (rawscan) Darci had to keep from laughing with pleasure at Jack's game.

Hardly that," Lavender said, smiling. She had perfect teeth. " Darci asked, aghast, as she stood up. Laughing, Lavender kissed Darci's cheek. "No, but you're going on our honeymoon with us. " Behind her, Jack was mouthing, Please don't go, as he looked Lavender up and down. Darci moved to clutch Jack's arm firmly. " "Yes, of course," Lavender said. " "We'll be here," Jack said cheerfully as he escorted Darci out the front door. " Darci said as soon as they were outside. It was hot and she had on at least thirty pounds of clothes.

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