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By Matthias Lesch, Bernhelm Booβ-Bavnbek, Slawomir Klimek, Weiping Zhang

Smooth concept of elliptic operators, or just elliptic thought, has been formed by means of the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem created forty years in the past. Reviewing elliptic concept over a extensive diversity, 32 top scientists from 14 diverse nations current contemporary advancements in topology; warmth kernel recommendations; spectral invariants and slicing and pasting; noncommutative geometry; and theoretical particle, string and membrane physics, and Hamiltonian dynamics.The first of its variety, this quantity is ultimate to graduate scholars and researchers drawn to cautious expositions of newly-evolved achievements and views in elliptic conception. The contributions are in accordance with lectures provided at a workshop acknowledging Krzysztof P Wojciechowski's paintings within the idea of elliptic operators.

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This is particularly true for the multiplication axiom which is used to show how the index behaves under embedding. Complications arise when the normal bundle of the embedding is nontrivial. Our aim is to clarify the verification of the multiplication axiom for the analytic index by defining the participating elliptic pseudo-differential operators in terms of global symbols invariantly defined on the cotangent bundles of the relevant base spaces. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 58J20; Secondary 58J40 1.

Adiabatic decomposition of the £—determinant [15, 19, 20] When the gluing formula for the ^-invariant had been established it was Krzysztof's optimism that eventually lead to a similar result for the ^-determinant. The author has to admit that he was an unbeliever: I could not see why a reasonable analytic surgery formula for the ^-determinant should exist. Well, I was wrong. A fruitful collaboration of J. Park and Krzysztof P. Wojciechowski eventually proved that the adiabatic method, which originally had been developed in the paper [11], was even strong enough to prove an adiabatic surgery formula for the ^-determinant.

P. Loya and J. Park, On the gluing problem for Dirac operators on manifolds with cylindrical ends, J. Geom. Anal. 15 (2005), 285-319. 19. P. Loya and J. Park, The comparison problem for the spectral invariants of Dirac type operators, Preprint, 2004. 20. P. Loya and J. Park, £-determinants of Laplacians with Neumann and Dirichlet boundary conditions, J. Phys. A, 38 (2005), 8967-8977. 21. R. Mazzeo and P. Piazza, Dirac operators, heat kernels and microlocal analysis. II. Analytic surgery, Rend. Mat.

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