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This quantity demanding situations the orthodox view that fishing and fish performed just a marginal position within the economic climate of the traditional global. in reality, there's archaeological proof for historical fish processing on a advertisement scale not just within the Mediterranean itself, but additionally at the Atlantic coast and within the Black Sea sector, specifically the Crimea. entrance topic; Contents; Illustrations and Tables; advent; Fish as a resource of foodstuff in Antiquity; assets for construction and alternate of Greek and Roman Processed Fish; The Archaeological proof for Fish Processing within the Western Mediterranean; The expertise and productiveness of old Sea Fishing; The Reliability of Fishing facts as a resource for Catches and Fish shares in Antiquity; Fishery within the lifetime of the Nomadic inhabitants of the Northern Black Sea quarter within the Early Iron Age; Fish and funds: Numismatic facts for Black Sea Fishing

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For a good overview of the fourth-century Athenian economy, see Descat 1989; Faraguna 1992 is a more detailed analysis with a narrower chronological focus. RO selects the most important inscriptions and provides important commentaries for both political and socio-economic history. Many of the references will lead to the lengthy list of articles and books that illuminate much of the history that lies beneath this account. CAH 2 vi oVers broader historical summaries. 2 Lewis 1997: 1. 40 kg; it can be envisaged as equivalent to a large sack of grain.

21 Let us, however, pay more attention to Demosthenes’ comments on Leukon’s value to the supply of grain to Athens. For a signiWcant diVerence between the approach adopted by Garnsey and that by those who wish to re-establish the more extreme dependency argument is the treatment of evidence. Garnsey deals much more explicitly with the evidence for grain imports to Athens in terms of historical context. He admits that ‘the fourthcentury sources . . 22 But for Garnsey, the evidence for importing grain can be understood by considering particular cases and contextualizing the evidence against the wider political and economic conditions.

34–40. 34 Ibid. 30. 35 Ibid. 31–2. 36 Ibid. 33. 38 Indeed it is not unreasonable to ask what were the Wnancial beneWts for the parties in Leukon’s relationship with Athenians and the supply of grain. Rosivach has pointed out that the relationship between Athens and the Bosporan kings does not make sense ‘in strictly economic terms’ for the latter. Indeed if we read Demosthenes’ account of the grain trade between the Bosporan Kingdom and Athens, it is diYcult to see that Leukon had any economic interest in giving priority in loading, ateleia at Theodosia, and exemption from the one-thirtieth tax in the Bosporan Kingdom to those sailing to Athens.

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