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Schegloff, E. A. 1972. ‘Notes on a conversational practice,’ in D. ): Studies in Social Interaction. New York: Free Press. Schegloff, E. A. 1997. ‘Practices and actions: Boundary cases of other-initiated repair,’ Discourse Processes 23: 499–545. Schegloff, E. , G. Jefferson, and H. Sacks. 1977. ‘The preference for self-correction in the organization of repair in conversation,’ Language 53: 361–82. Seedhouse, P. 2004. The Interactional Architecture of the Language Classroom. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

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I tried out this teaching strategy in a university writing workshop where the discussion on whether to cite or not to cite in each case aroused heated discussions. Many students said it was their first experience to discuss, share, and clarify their individual and subjective acts of textual borrowing. The present study also generates implications for follow-up research. One research focus could be on how citing behaviors mark high-level students’ (juniors, seniors, or grad students) development of disciplinary knowledge.

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