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By Jacques Janssen, Raimondo Manca

Aims to offer to the reader the instruments essential to observe semi-Markov strategies in real-life problems.

The publication is self-contained and, ranging from a low point of likelihood ideas, steadily brings the reader to a deep wisdom of semi-Markov processes.

Presents homogeneous and non-homogeneous semi-Markov techniques, in addition to Markov and semi-Markov rewards processes.

The thoughts are primary for plenty of functions, yet they aren't as completely provided in different books at the topic as they're here.

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13). 17) G(t) + 7? 18) G(t) + i? • G • F(t) = R • G(t). 14). 14), and let 7be defined by: r = X,-^2. 20) and by induction, we get: Y^yF^''\ for all n>0. 22) limF^"^(0 = 0, for alW > 0 . 21): 7(0 = 0 for all / > 0 . 24) It is also possible to study the asymptotical behaviour of solutions to renewaltype equations. L. 2. A proof of the key renewal theorem using Blackwell's theorem can be found in Cinlar (1975b). 2 {Asymptotical behaviour. 26) exists. 27) provided that G is directly Riemann integrable on [0,oo), that F is not arithmetic, and supposing: m • E{X„)^\{\-F{x))dx.

Chapter 2 RENEWAL THEORY 1 PURPOSE Let us consider the following reliability problem: at time 0, the given system starts with a new component which fails at random time 7]. At this time, a new component immediately enters the system to replace the first one and fails at time c. There is another immediate replacement by a new component inserted in the system, still of the same type, and so on. We will note (r„, /7 > 0) the successive replacement times, setting, of course: 7;=0. 1:trajectory of N{t) From an operational point of view, an important characteristic of the considered system at time t is the total number of replacements occurring on the interval [ 0 , / ] .

Resp. equality. 2), the martingale equality means that the best predicted value simply is the observed value of the process at the time of predicting s. The use of martingale in finance is frequently (see Janssen and Skiadas (1995)) to model the concept of an efficient financial market. s.. It is possible to prove the following result (see for example Protter (1990)). (X^) is right continuous iff there exists a unique modification Y ofX such that Y is cddldg. (ii) IfXis a martingale then, up to a modification, the function ^h->£'(X^) is right continuous.

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