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حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه

برای حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه لطفاً صفحه اصلی مرورگر خود را روی
تنظیم کنید تا روزی یکبار بازدید از این وبلاگ داشته باشید و در ارتقا رتبه وبلاگ در گوگل به ما کمک کنید

روش دیگر حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه خرید شارژهای اعتباری از "فروشگاه شارژ کتابخانه آنلاین" است

----------دانش در اختیار همه افراد----------

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Example text

Judgements on foreign language versions of literary texts are far more subjective, anecdotal and imprecise ( compare the discussion on translation quality assessment in chapter three). ). Subtitling is a specific type of translation in that the 38 Areas and Methods of Audiovisual Translation Research target audience have access to both the origina l and the translation, and are tempted to compare both and criticise infelicito us solutions. In defence of audiovisual translators one might add that felic ito us ones may in some cases be practically imposs ible to arrive at.

Skuggevik 2010: 15 Thus in symbiotic translation, communication may take place even if no translation is available to bridge the linguistic gap. A song can be appreciated without understanding the lyrics; so can a film in a language that we are not familiar with. Skuggevik (ibid) argues that the same applies to a conference presenter communicating through body language and prosodic features, even if no interpretation is provided. However, the above situations cannot be treated as yesno examples, where communication may either be possible or impossible without translation.

Facial expressions body language, intonation etc. are of secondary importance, while visual. clues (presentation slides, posters, objects, ad-hoc drawings .. ) are supplementary. Such kinds of interpreting shou ld not be researched within the framework of audiovisual translation. Sign language interpreting could be subsumed under accessibility, like audiodescription and subtitling for the deaf, but no audiovisual material as such is deployed in sign language interpreting, therefore it wi ll not be researched in the present volume.

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