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By Gregory Galloway

Anna Cayne had moved the following in August, previous to our sophomore yr in highschool, yet via February she had, one after the other, killed everybody on the town. Anna—who prefers to be referred to as Anastasia—is a marginally spooky and complex highschool woman with a penchant for riddles, Houdini methods, and ghost tales. She spends a lot of her time writing obituaries for each residing individual on the town. She is not like somebody the narrator has ever identified, they usually make an not going, although chuffed, pair. Then per week sooner than Valentine's Day, Anna disappears, forsaking just a costume put smartly close to a gap within the frozen river, and a string of unanswered questions. eager to locate her, or not less than to appreciate what occurred and why, the narrator starts to reconstruct the earlier 5 months. and shortly the fragments of curious occasions, intimate conversations, secrets and techniques, and bizarre letters (and the nameless messages that proceed to reach) coalesce into haunting and staggering revelations which may implicate associates, family members, or even Anna herself.

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At halftime I went to get us something to drink at the concession stand behind the bleachers. ” I said. ” I waited on line and wondered how many people had noticed Anna and me together. No one said anything to me and no one appeared to be paying any more attention to me at all. It was a little disappointing. I bought a box of popcorn and a couple of large cups of soda. It was hard to carry everything with the splint on my finger, and I was sure that something was going to spill before I could make it to my seat.

She had known things about people, or had discovered them—the secrets and private information that showed up in her notebooks were things that people who had spent their entire lives in our town didn’t know. The funny thing is, during the months when the bodies were piling up in the imagination of Anna Cayne, I don’t think a single person actually died in town; it was the longest drought for the funeral home that anyone could remember. The obituaries were private; her friends and a few other people knew that Anna was working on them, but besides me, I don’t believe anyone else was allowed to read them.

I couldn’t see his face, but Anna was looking at him with concentration and affection; it was an intimate look that made me suddenly jealous. I also became aware that the rest of the Goths were watching me as I stood in the walkway, so I moved down the steps toward my seat. Bryce stood up and passed me on the steps without saying a word to me, but I could hear a few of the parents in the stands speak to him. ” Things like that. Anna took a cup of soda from me and I sat down. ” notes I wasn’t popular, but I didn’t think I was unpopular.

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