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This approximation has been extensively discussed by Lykos and Parr (127) and more recently by Linderberg and Ohrn (128). It is assumed that the electronic Hamiltonian commutes with the number operator for electrons in the aand ~-field, respectively, where the electron field operator ~(x) has been expressed as a sum of components ~a(x) and ~~(x) corresponding to the totally and non-totally symmetric irreducible representations of Cs . Furthermore, the operator nature of ~a(x) is neglected and average values are used for the potential of the a-field.

The above mentioned cases are all characterized by the relation 8max + 8min ~ 90 0 , which has been accounted for in different ways. In all cases the deviation might also be explained as failures in the description based on Tanizaki's model: The actual orientation distribution function does not correspond to the values (K , K ) = (K , -K z Y z z +(1+T)/2). The conclusions mentioned in connection with 2) and 4) are hardly acceptable and those discussed under 1) and 3) are in most cases quite doubtful.

33) 49 9. Non-uniaxial samples. In some of the work (6, 7, 19, 61) prior to the earlier mentioned x-ray diffraction investigations (55) of stretched polyethylene, no assumption of uniaxial symmetry was made for the samples. This did not impose serious restrictions on the extraction of detailed information from the observed spectra. For instance, it was shown that reduced spectra for symmetrical molecules with AX{A) obtained. ously, . the quanti ties (III,31) Kz/K~ and Ky/K~ may be determined from (III,31) when z- and y-polarized spectral features can be identified in the spectrum, since: From (III,31) it is clear that the reduced spectra AZ{A) and Ay{A) can be written (6, 19): C [EZ{A}-{K IK')Ey{A)] z Y Y (III,32) where C z and Cy are constants, which depend on K , K', K , and K'.

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