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By Conrad Potts

How to beat demanding situations with confidence

No subject how winning we're, all of us face annoying and hard-to-handle demanding situations in way of life, and – if we wish to be as satisfied and fit as we will – we needs to learn how to assert ourselves, make our voices heard and procedure lifestyles with self belief and self-assurance.

This ebook is a roadmap that will help you navigate your method via these demanding possibilities, hurdles and milestones. Taking common eventualities case through case, and jam-packed with useful suggestions, this inspiring, down-to-earth e-book provides you with the instruments to construct your vanity and develop into happier, fitter, and in command of your individual destiny.

  • Written in an approachable kind which posits useful suggestions to a variety of common problems
  • Deals with assertiveness in enterprise, kinfolk, social occasions and all components of life
  • Covers themes like ‘dealing together with your boss’, ‘dealing with finances’, ‘asking for a pay rise’, ‘saying no at work’

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Example 1 a) aggressive; b) non-assertive; c) assertive Example 2 a) non-assertive; b) assertive; c) aggressive Example 3 a) assertive; b) aggressive; c) non-assertive Example 4 a) non-assertive; b) aggressive; c) assertive (Continued) 25 Assertiveness Example 5 a) non-assertive; b) assertive; c) aggressive Example 6 a) aggressive; b) assertive; c) non-assertive Example 7 a) aggressive; b) non-assertive; c) assertive Example 8 a) assertive; b) non-assertive; c) aggressive Example 9 a) non-assertive; b) assertive; c) aggressive All of us behave in all three ways in some situations, and in others we act more aggressively or non-assertively – which of course doesn’t mean that we are only aggressive or non-assertive people.

Example 1 Imagine you are watching a film at the cinema and some people behind you are chattering away and spoiling your enjoyment as well as others’. a) You could turn around and say: “Shut up! ” (Continued) 21 Assertiveness Example 2 Your boss, at very short notice, asks you to complete a very important report that will mean you working throughout the weekend. You have already arranged to go away with family and friends for the weekend.  . ” b) “Lesley, I understand this is important – normally I am willing to help out in whatever way I can.

The difference between win-win and compromise In some people’s eyes, compromise is seen as the same thing as a win-win approach. Compromise certainly shares some of the same characteristics and yet is also different. 39 Assertiveness On the positive side, compromise may seem the simplest, easiest and fairest way to cut up a fixed “pie” where there seems to be no chance of creating a bigger one. At least, it seems, everyone is sharing what is available. The negotiation does result in both parties having some of their needs meet.

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