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By Donald G. Kyle

Donald Kyle concludes this nice booklet via pointing out that “it should still now be clear
that the interrelationship among the histories of Athens and its athletics is
significant and non-stop . . . Athletics have been a public, fundamental, and poten-
tially unifying or disruptive aspect within the civic event of the Athenians”
(p. 177). one of the powerful issues of this research is its regular concentrate on the
historical and cultural importance of athletics: this booklet isn't any mere workout in
antiquarianism, yet a gently documented research of the prosopography and
politics of athletics in Athens.
At the middle of the publication is a list of identified and attainable Athenian
athletes. each one athlete gets a separate biographical access in Appendix II with
the correct old testimonia and bibliographical notes: classicists and ancient
historians wiIl locate this sober and specified catalogue a important examine tool.
The historical past of Lysis, identified to us from Plato’s discussion, is properly illumi-
nated, as is that of the charismatic Autolykos, whom Xenophon, between others,
described. Taking to middle the significance of the paintings of H. W. Pleket and
David C. younger, Kyle makes use of his catalogue to handle in bankruptcy four the query of
the athletes’ socio-economic history: who're the individuals? Does the
personnel swap over the centuries of Athenian heritage? Kyle safely dis-
tinguishes among “elitism of start” and the “elitism of wealth” to which it
increasingly yielded within the 5th century BC. what's frustrating is the
difficulty in identifying even if the socio-economic prestige of a given athlete
was the results of athletic success or the prerequisite for it, and there are few
cases the place the hereditary the Aristocracy of the athletes, or its absence could be proven.
It is formidable to reflect on how few of Athens’ archons, strategoi, choregoi and
other notables are identified to us in any respect, to claim not anything in their pursuits (or lack
thereof) in athletics. Kyle is cautious to warn the reader time and again that the trends
he issues out are according to very fragmentary facts, and he properly refrains
from computing possibilities or another way giving a deceptive positivism; the
trends he does indicate are good and sound deductions from the evidence
that has come right down to us.

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Tion ofOlympia, that vases witb single t-ripods oommemorated individual vict-0ries that the prizes at first were trip'Ods. and that the most important evet1t was the chariot race. and that many could be herons. On tlte basis of Homer's indication. emorative of victories IG 11 919, L. H. Jeffery. o f Ardtaic Greece (Oxford. 1961), 68, the old~t in cr iption rrom Attica. oomes from a Dipylon oinocltoe of ea. 740 from the K:emmeikos cemetaey. a victor ma dance cootest; 0. tiidl:en Lebens (Mu1li'°'h~ 1965), 110.

326 can be dated defi·nitely to 566 and co11tain the official record of thee tabli hment of the Great Panathenaea. He uggests that no. no. 326, possibly fron1 562 or 558. no . i bas a ecretary, although 328 01nits the nam · of the. board member . d tl1e letter forms suggest. co Raub-itschek a date of 558 or 554 for the third. inscription. enee no . 327 and 328 would be later version of no. duction of the Games in 566. re vulnerable. nograpl1er , and he offer. tior1 : o. n· tionally dated to 566~ but may not have been carved ·until at lea t one ftlrther festival of the same type had been held : No.

V. naw0i)vata, citing lsoc. 17; Hellanicus, FGrH 323a F2 ; Androtion, FGrH 324 F2 ; and lstros, FGrH 334 F4. 39 See Davison, .. ea," 24-25 on the two accounts. Mann. Par. AI O, lines 17-18 places the establishment of the Panathenaea by Erichtbonios some 729 or 730 years before lhe fir l Olympiad ; Apollod. 3. 4-5 sees the Panathenaea as the oldest Greek festival, perhaps second only to tfic Eleusioia. • 0 Plut. Tlies. 3; Pa us. 2. I : cf. Thuc. 1S and H. T . " CQ 25 (193l) : 1-11, 77-89, reprinted in his Essays i11 Greek History (Oxford, 1958), 86-1 15.

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