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By Gregory of Nazianzus

The autobiographical poems of Gregory of Nazianzus, fourth-century Father of the Greek Church, are impressive not just for a hugely person photo of the Byzantine international but additionally for moments which are intimate, passionate and relocating. This booklet includes Greek textual content and dealing with English translation of a variety from his 100 or so surviving poems.

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Forschungen zu Gregor von Nazianz, 6), (Paderborn etc. 1988), pp. 106-7. 8 E l l TA EMMETPA 85 cos oi TrdAai TTpoarjSov 6|i|ieAeTs Aoyous, TO TEpTTvov, oT|aai, TOO KOCAOU TTOioujjievoi 6xT||ia, Kai TUTTOUVTES EK IJEACOV TpoTrous. SaouA as TOUTO TTEKJOTCO, Kai TTVEUiaaTOS EAEUOEPCOOEIS TOTS TpOTrois Tf^s Kivupas. 90 TIS ouv pAdpr| aoi, TOUS VEOUS 6I* f)5ovns Epoucjiv dOpoav vuv |i£v TIS laTCo |ii^ Trfi^iv 6* OTav TO KaAov sv XP^vco 95 UTToaTrdaavTES, cos EpEiajiaT* dv|;i5cov, TO Koia^ov, auTO Taya06v TOUTOU TI av yEvoiTO a u 5* ou Ta o ^ a TCO yAuKET TrapapTUEis, co a£|iVE, Kai auvo9pu Kai auvriyjiEVE; 100 Tl OUV KOKI^EIS TT)V E|if]V EUJiETpiaV, TOTS aoTs liETpois aTa6|icojjiEvos Ta TCOV TTEAas; pis Ta Muacov Kai Opuycov opi pis KOAOICOV K* OCETCOV uvycb|jaTa.

They do not have to undergo a sudden conversion: for the moment let there be a more attractive combination, but when in time the good acquires stability, 95 we will withdraw what is pleasant, like the supports of an arch, retaining the good alone. What could be more useful than this? Do you not add sweetness to your food, you who are so solemn, frowning and with wrinkled brow? 100 Why then do you find fault with my ability to write verse, measuring the verses of others by your own standards? Far apart lie the lands of the Mysians and Phrygians, far apart are the heights of jackdaws and eagles.

18 These were my words. The storm abated, the sea subsided, the ship sailed on a straight course all this as a result of my prayer. 205 All the ship's passengers and crew went on their way praising the great Christ, for they had received from God a double salvation. After passing Rhodes a little later and sailing before a favourable wind, we docked 210 (it being an Aeginetan ship) in the harbour at Aegina. Student life at Athens19 (211-236) Then came Athens and studies - but of what happened there let others tell: how we lived in fear of God, aware that first things are first; how among the youth's elite, driven by recklessness, 215 all racing around frantically in different gangs, we led a life of such calm 14 15 16 17 18 19 Exodus 17:11.

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