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By Meg Cabot

Avalon excessive, i used to be commencing to imagine, will not be so undesirable finally. possibly it isn't the place Ellie desires to be, but when you'll want to commence at a brand new university, Avalon excessive is ordinary sufficient: there is Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. and may, senior category president, quarterback, and all-around sturdy man. yet no longer everybody at Avalon excessive is who they look like . . . now not even, as Ellie is set to find, herself. As a strange drama starts off to spread, Ellie has to ask yourself, what half does she play in all this? Do the coincidences she's piecing jointly relatively mean—as in King Arthur's court—that tragedy is quick drawing close for her new neighbors? Ellie does not recognize if she will do something to prevent the arriving difficulty. yet in some way, she understands she has to attempt.

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Let my dad bring it home so he could study it closer. That’s why we moved here…so he can look at this sword up close. It’s sitting in his office—well, the office of the professor whose house we’re renting while he’s in England on his own sabbatical, probably studying something even more worthless than Dad’s sword. Museums let you borrow stuff and bring it home if it’s of academic interest (in other words, not worth anything) and if you’re a professor. I don’t know why my parents had to choose medieval times as their field of study.

My brother Geoff—he left for his first year of college the second week in August—put it a different way. ” “Ellie,” he said to me so many times I lost count, “relax. You don’t need to be doing this. We’ve got a contract with a pool company. They come every week. ” But the pool guy doesn’t really care about the pool. I mean, he’s just doing it for the money. He doesn’t see the beauty of it. I’m pretty sure. But I guess I can see where Geoff was coming from. I mean, the pool did sort of start taking up a lot of my time.

It was weird. It was like he smiled at me, and my lips automatically smiled back—my brain had nothing to do with it. There was no conscious decision on my part to smile back. I just did. Like it was a habit, or something. Like this was a smile I always smiled back to. Except that I had never seen this guy before in my life. So how could my mouth even have known this? Which was why it was kind of a relief to run past them. You know, to get away from that smile that made me smile back, even when I didn’t want to.

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