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Although it has been 114 years since a major earthquake of this magnitude has occurred, the August 23rd quake was a stark reminder that we can no longer assume the Alfred E. ” So, what can we do? Is it possible to model such events and reduce the inadequacy of our preparations and the great losses associated with these extreme events? 6. Example studies In this section, we present several examples to investigate the resiliency and interdependency of critical infrastructure in extreme events. The first is the Virginia earthquake example whose analysis is presented without examining resiliency and interdependency.

The user begins the BN model diagnosis by performing a right click on a node and selects the state for setting the evidence for the test. After setting the evidence, they click on the “Update Belief” button to update the model. Fig. 2 - Fig. 8 mainly show the methods to build a BN model in the SMILEBN web application based on the structure learning algorithms mentioned in section 3. Next the weighting expert opinions scheme will be applied to the BN model. Fig. 2. Importing the data files Fig. 3.

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