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By Francesca Lia Block

Two darkly magical Weetzie Bat tales in regards to the look for self from Francesca Lia Block: Missing Angel Juan and Baby Be-Bop.

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I’d smell coffee and cigarettes on his collar. We’d eat hot cinnamon-raisin bagels together and walk all over the city. I’d play my drums for him. He’d make everything okay. ” I ask. ” 56 missing angel juan “They’d get a kick out of you. Right in this city. ” “They travel all over but this city is full of its own surprises,” Charlie says. “Things pop out of the darkness like elves and fairies in a rotten wood or ghosts in a ruined house. ” His voice cracks on their names and his face fades a little in the mirror.

I drag the mirror back to the apartment holding it away from me so I don’t have to see my face. I’m thrashed and mashed—starving and ready to cry again. My arms and legs are shaking and I can hardly make it up to the ninth floor carrying the mirror, even with my skates off. My head is full of wound-pictures, my camera is empty and I feel farther away from Angel Juan than ever. On the door of Charlie Bat’s apartment is a note. 46 missing angel juan Lily: Meet us in the lobby for dinner at 6:00. Your benevolent almost-almost uncles, Meadows and Mallard.

31 beautiful boys Dear Angel Juan, I’m on a plane. I imagine you out there on a cloud, playing your bass and grinning at me, wearing chunky black shoes and Levi’s with rips at the knees. I imagine the rest of the band and it is one heavenly combo—Jimi and Jim and John and Bob and Elvis— all the dudes you are into. All those guys are dead. So I think about you down on the ground with me. We are at the movies. The air-conditioned air on our bare arms and the crackle and smell of the popcorn and the crackle of the film in between the previews that is the same sound as the popcorn almost.

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