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By Phillip Marcus, Doug Walsh

Set nearly 10 years after the occasions of the unique BioShock, the halls of Rapture once more echo with sins of the previous. alongside the Atlantic beach, a monster has been snatching little women and bringing them again to the undersea urban of Rapture. you're the first actual immense Daddy as you trip in the course of the decrepit and gorgeous fallen urban, chasing an unseen foe looking for solutions and your individual survival.
Get within the Dive swimsuit! Step into the sneakers of a large Daddy and use this consultant to discover the ruins and discover the secrets and techniques of this as soon as nice underwater city. Use the data amassed inside of those pages to find power-up machines, locate Little Sisters, and punish the deadliest foes in Rapture.
Equip giant Daddy Weaponry! Rev up your massive Daddy Drill, blast your enemies with the Rivet Gun, and lay waste to Splicers with the huge array of Plasmids and Tonics at your disposal.
Put Rapture s citizens to leisure! notice the backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and bonuses for gaining knowledge of the darkish urban s gene splicing denizens.
Join the conflict for Rapture! Use our deep multiplayer method and maps to head face to face with different Splicers. study the destinations of invaluable power-ups and the place massive Daddy fits spawn so that you can break your competition.

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All Rights Reserved. From the Library of Chris Seekings TIPS FOR EXPLORING Listen for Security: Security Cameras and Turrets both make a distinct noise that betrays their presence. Listen for danger (and keep your eyes open) for the back and forth whirring of the Security Camera as it pans across a room. Turrets make the sound of a small internal combustion engine starting up right before they spring to life and begin attacking. Pause before entering any new area and listen for these sounds and look for a telltale red light sweeping back and forth, then draw your Hack Tool and hack the devices to bring them to your side before they spot you.

Alternate Ammo: Trap Rivets are loaded with a shaped charge and stick into solid objects. They emit a laser trip-wire that, when broken, makes the Trap Rivet fire a second rivet at the enemy passing by. Trap Rivets are perfect for defending an area. Trap Rivets do not fire when the player Big Daddy walks by, and unused Trap Rivets can be collected following a battle. No Big Daddy would be complete without the deadly Rivet Gun that made the notorious Rosie so menacing in the original game. The Rivet Gun essentially fills the space in the player’s arsenal previously occupied by the Pistol.

Vandalize Health Stations in areas that you won’t be returning to after getting a blue zone bonus, and you’ll take two free First Aid Kits with you when you go! All is not lost when you have to use a Vita-Chamber. For one thing, the battle that you were engaged in is still ongoing. And though Big Daddies are partially healed by their Little Sisters while you are away at the VitaChamber, they do not get all of their health back. The same goes for Big Sisters, who drain the ADAM from nearby corpses to refill their health.

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