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By Susan Beth Pfeffer

“Willa’s frankly portrayed grief, confusion, and uncertainties could have a robust impression on readers.” –Publishers Weekly, starred evaluate Sixteen-year-old Willa is lucky to have a cheerful mixed family members. yet a frantic mobile name from Pryor, Texas, shatters the calm. Willa’s start father has murdered his moment spouse and daughters . . . and the police imagine he’s on his means east to seek down Willa and her mom. As this nerve-racking tragedy unavoidably exposes kinfolk secrets and techniques to Willa and her neighborhood, she struggles along with her personal damaging mystery

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Well, I'm not going to miss these sweaters," Brooke said. "I'll take them downstairs now. See you in the morning. Lyss, you be nice to Willa. " Brooke left the room, waving the sweaters over her head. Alyssa went back to her laptop, and I tried to concentrate on my French. Alyssa fell asleep first. She always did, exhausted from her tennis practices, her workouts, and her running. She didn't set the alarm, but I knew she'd wake up around five. She liked to jog for an hour before school. Maybe she'd get her homework done, and maybe not.

I wanted to ask Mom if Jack would still love me, but even though I knew her answer would be yes, of course he would, I was too frightened to ask. Instead I did everything I could to make the move easier, and even when we all settled in together and Mom told us that Brooke would have her own room, since she was the oldest, and Alyssa and I would share, I didn't complain. Alyssa did, loud and long, but she didn't have to worry about losing Jack and she didn't seem to care if she lost Mom. But Jack and Mom made it work.

Before school. " I remembered Jack was on the phone. "Oh," I said. "We were talking when you came. " I got up a little faster than I should have, and things got dizzy again. "I'll talk to him," Officer Schultz said. He walked to the kitchen, and I could hear him saying something to Jack, then hanging up. "Your sister is at her tennis lesson," he said, as he joined us in the living room. "Your mother dropped her off and said she'd be back around four o'clock to pick her up. " He looked at his watch.

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