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By Yulia Ustinova

Caves and the traditional Greek brain analyses options of attempting to find final knowledge in old Greece. The Greeks perceived psychological studies of remarkable depth as caused by divine intervention. They believed that to proportion within the immortals' wisdom, one needed to unlock the soul from the load of the mortal physique by means of reaching an altered kingdom of attention, that's, through merging with a superhuman being or via ownership by way of a deity. those states have been frequently attained through encouraged mediums, `impresarios of the gods' - prophets, poets, and sages - who descended into caves or underground chambers. Yulia Ustinova juxtaposes historic stories with the result of glossy neuropsychological examine. This novel process allows an exam of spiritual phenomena not just from the skin, but in addition from the interior: it penetrates the awareness of people that have been engaged within the imaginative and prescient quest, and demonstrates that the darkness of the caves supplied stipulations important for his or her actions.

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4. 152 In the modern Western world, a growing number of dangerously ill patients are treated successfully in hospitals or resuscitated, hence given an opportunity to report their experience. During earlier epochs and in other parts of the world, the number of such accounts was naturally much lower, since most near-death experiences ended in death. 153 Near-death experiences comprise enhanced cognitive functioning, including panoramic replay of one’s life and meetings with people, animals, and fantastic monsters; out-of-body experiences, a sense of being in a diVerent realm, transcending the boundaries of ego and limitations of space and time; a strong positive sensation of encounter with a source of all-embracing light, wisdom, and love.

144 The psychologist S. 145 She describes the characteristics of out-of-body states and the way to reach them: The experiencers usually feel as though they can travel anywhere and see anything they wish. In most cases they seem to have another complete body, a sort of double, although in some cases there is just something like a disembodied awareness, or awareness of being at a certain spot but without anything visible being there . . Some people thoroughly enjoy their OBEs and would love to be able to have them more often.

149 As is the case with other altered states of consciousness, the individual is left with a conviction that the experience was real, but he is unable to put it into words. It is noteworthy that a considerable proportion of out-ofbody experiencers report the tunnel sensation,150 which means that out-of-body experiences often include visions of caves, discussed in Section 2 of this chapter. On the other hand, withdrawal from the world, ‘blankness of mind’,151 an essential component of the techniques of inducing this state, is more easily accomplished in closed spaces, be it rooms or caves.

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