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By W. Antoni Kudlicki

The function of cell-free rabbit reticulocyte expression structures in useful proteomics / Michele Arduengo, Elaine Schenborn, and Robin Hurst -- Advances in Insect-based cell-free protein expression / Uritza von Groll ... [et al.] -- merits and purposes of the batch-formatted E. coli cell-free expression method / Julia E. Fletcher ... [et al.] -- Energetics in Escherichia coli-based batch cell-Free platforms / Kalavathy Sitaraman and Deb okay. Chatterjee -- Disulfide bond formation in bacteria-based cell-free protein expression / Aaron R. Goerke and James R. Swartz -- The natural procedure: a minimum cell-free translation approach / Bei-Wen Ying, Yoshihiro Shimizu and Takuya Ueda -- Cell-free expression methods for the creation and characterization of membrane proteins / Daniel Schwarz ... [et al.] -- Cell-free expression for protein NMR / A.J. Shaka -- Cell-free synthesis of membrane proteins for X-ray crystallography / Julia E. Fletcher ... [et al.] --, Bacterial cell-free expression platforms for high-throughput protein construction / T.V.S. Murthy, Leonardo Brizuela, and Joshua LaBaer -- Cell-free protein synthesis for protein microarrays / Gregory A. Michaud ... [et al.] -- Cell-free protein expression screening and protein immobilization utilizing protein microarrays / Matthew A. Coleman ... [et al.] -- Cell-free protein expression labeling with fluorophores / Jerzy Olejnik -- Cell-free synthesis of outlined protein conjugates via site-directed cotranslational labeling / Michael Gerrits ... [et al.] -- C-terminal labeling of proteins utilizing fluorescently conjugated puromycin derivatives / Ichiro Tabuchi -- Translation engineering and artificial biology / David A. Roth, Liza S.Z. Larsen and G. Wesley Hatfield -- speeded up protein evolution utilizing ribosome show / Julie Douthwaite, Lutz Jermutus, Ronald Jackson -- program of in vitro virus

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