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By William Johnstone

Johnstone''s number of essays argues that the way Chronicles accommodates and develops mater ial from Samuel and Kings deals an analogy for how in w hich the ultimate version of Exodus was once produced. '

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Davies,'K D) , pp. 415-16. Davies,'K D) , p. 416. 1. Introduction 45 context of Moses' second period of 40 days and nights on the mountain. The conclusion to be drawn from this is not that Exod. 11-14 is non-D (how can it be non-D if the language is parallel to Deut. ), but (as I argue in Chapter 12) that serious disturbance has been introduced by reuse and transposition of this D-material by the P-editor. Once again a much wider contextual view has to be taken of this particular case: this reuse and transposition is only one example of many such reuses and transpositions in Exod.

Blum, Studien, p. 89 n. 194. 66. Blum, Studien, p. 73. 67. Blum, Studien, p. 76. 68. Blum, Studien, pp. 181-88. Oddly he defines Exod. 32-34 as the limits of comparison to Deut. 11. 18 must be brought into consideration as well. e. that Deuteronomy fails to provide a parallel to vv. 11-14 of his key text, Exod. 7-14). 69 On the basis of the model that he has worked out in connection with Exod. 18-22/7 Deuteronomy 4-5 (which I have criticized above), he assumes that similar processes are at work here: the underlying tradition of Exod.

2a, has now been recast as a series of 'stages', DTOQ: 'whereas the list in its present form is said to consist of DTOQ what Moses is supposed to have written is a list of the D^UID of the Israelites. It is probably correct to see in the reference to a Mosaic composition... 38 Chronicles and Exodus itinerary notices in the narratives in Exodus and the earlier chapters of Numbers. He begins with Exod. 1-2. There are 'doublets' in the text: Exod. 2a repeats material on the arrival at Sinai already given in Exod.

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