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By L.M. Montgomery

On Prince Edward Island, the place Anne Shirley grew up within the sea-sprayed city of Avonlea, there has been no scarcity of fantastic stories.  There used to be the case of Ludovic velocity, who would not suggest to the lady he had courted for fifteen years till Anne devised a plan to "speed" him up . . . if it did not backfire and holiday his heart.  But nobody may possibly blame mischievous Anne for the hilarious conflict of the sexes that erupted while a man-hating lady and her cat obtained quarantined within the related apartment with a woman-hating bachelor and his puppy. From sprawling Penhallow Grange, the place a relatives waits approximately perpetually for 2 quarreling fans to damage their obdurate silence, to the tumbledown farm of outdated guy Shaw, who awaits the retum of his loved daughter, L. M. Montgomery has written twelve stories of mystery hopes and hidden desires, jam-packed with attraction and humor.

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His eyes were dreamy and pleasant, with a touch of melancholy in their blue depths. He sat down in the big bulgy old armchair that had belonged to Theodora's father. Ludovic always sat there, and Anne declared that the chair had come to look like him. The conversation soon grew animated enough. Ludovic was a good talker when he had somebody to draw him out. He was well read, and frequently surprised Anne by his shrewd comments on men and matters out in the world, of which only the faint echoes reached Deland River.

There was one big beech there, in particular, which the Old Lady loved for reasons best known to herself--a great, tall beech with a trunk like the shaft of a gray marble column and a leafy spread of branches over the still, golden-brown pool made beneath it by the brook. It had been a young sapling in the days that were haloed by the vanished glory of the Old Lady's life. The Old Lady heard childish voices and laughter afar up the lane which led to William Spencer's place just above the woods.

Anne roused herself from her dreams, thinking it would only be tactful to take her departure. Ludovic was courting Theodora. Everyone in Grafton knew that, or, if anyone were in ignorance of the fact, it was not because he had not had time to find out. Ludovic had been coming down that lane to see Theodora, in the same ruminating, unhastening fashion, for fifteen years! When Anne, who was slim and girlish and romantic, rose to go, Theodora, who was plump and middle-aged and practical, said, with a twinkle in her eye: "There isn't any hurry, child.

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