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By Isobel Bird

Old moon, O ageless traveler,sailing at the sea of stars,as once again you return to fullness,turn your shining face to ours.The moment complete moon of the month -- the blue moon -- is a time whilst powers are heightened, with unpredictable effects. whilst Annie makes an attempt the channeling perform known as aspecting, she modifies into anyone Cooper and Kate not often realize. Can their mixed power repair Annie's spirit?

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She suddenly felt as if she could do 52 anything. It didn’t matter that Kate and Cooper weren’t with her. She had done the ritual all on her own, and it had gone well. She was proud of herself. And if Freya was around somewhere, all the better. Annie was looking forward to seeing what the goddess had in store for her—if, in fact, she had come at all. She stood up and stretched, working the stiffness from her arms and legs. She had been sitting longer than she’d thought. Then she spun around, enjoying the feeling of being inside the sacred circle in her own room, with the full moon outside and the smell of roses all around.

It sounded like the woman’s voice, but she was so nervous she couldn’t be one hundred percent positive. “Hi,” said Cooper. ” But instead Sam said, “Hi. ” “Oh,” said Cooper, realizing she hadn’t made up any excuse for calling Sam back. “Um, I just wanted to double-check the time of the show. ” “Right,” Sam answered. ” “Okay,” said Cooper. ” She hung up and once more began her celebratory dance, this time waving the phone book around while she did it. ’s face reflected in the shiny surface. She stopped dancing and whirled around.

Okay, she thought, now what do I do? She hadn’t thought much beyond casting the circle. Now she’d set the stage for her ritual and she had to come up with something for the main event. How exactly did you invoke a goddess? The book had said to call on her. Maybe it was that simple. She’d heard Sophia, Rowan, and other members of the covens she worked with do it before. What had they 48 said? Suddenly it seemed harder than it had when someone else had been doing it. She decided that the easiest thing to do would be to talk to Freya as if they were friends.

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