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By Pat Schmatz

Unusual issues are taking place in Rith's apartment at evening. First a spiral staircase replaces the normal stairs. the hot stairs result in a lounge that may not his, a cat that won't his both, and a weird and wonderful outdated guy whose phrases are only gibberish. Or are they? Rith's by no means been into faith. yet he realizes these phrases have a non secular source?and an uncanny ring of fact. Is he simply dreaming? Is the previous guy God? As Rith attempts to circle in the direction of the reality, the road among fact and unreality blurs?

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Man since his eighth-grade football team went undefeated, told about his winter conditioning program and how he was probably going to play varsity his freshman year. “How about you, Rith? “I dunno. ” “Rock climbing? What kind of a sport is that? ” asked Walt. “I dunno. ” “Hey, it’s great conditioning, though,” said Ty. “I tried it once on a climbing wall, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. ” “Maybe,” said Rith. Rith pulled out his Gameboy and settled back into the corner of the bench farthest away from the rods.

The moon from the skylight showed carpet all the way. A straight shot to the landing. No spiral. He took a step down, stopped, waited. Then another. He went all the way to the bottom and made the circle through the kitchen and living room. Everything was as quiet and normal as it could possibly be. He checked the patio for tracks and saw nothing but the trample of his own footprints from taking out the garbage. At the front door he flipped on the outdoor light. The bare porch and sidewalk had no clues, no signs of an old man or a cat.

Strict? Tall? How old was he when his voice changed? And even though Mom said his dad named him, she never told him where the name came from or what it meant. Everyone else knew stuff like that. Later, as he was brushing his teeth, Mom came up the stairs. ” Rith nodded and spit. He slurped some water from his hand and reached for the towel to wipe his face. “You could use the cup, you know,” said Mom. ” asked Rith, flipping off the light and walking past Mom to his bedroom. ” Her voice came out sharp, harsh.

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