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By Itai Benjamini

These lecture notes research the interaction among randomness and geometry of graphs. the 1st a part of the notes experiences numerous easy geometric suggestions, sooner than relocating directly to learn the manifestation of the underlying geometry within the habit of random strategies, in general percolation and random walk.

The examine of the geometry of countless vertex transitive graphs, and of Cayley graphs particularly, in all fairness good constructed. One objective of those notes is to indicate to a couple random metric areas modeled by means of graphs that change into a little unique, that's, they admit a mixture of homes no longer encountered within the vertex transitive global. those contain percolation clusters on vertex transitive graphs, severe clusters, neighborhood and scaling limits of graphs, lengthy variety percolation, CCCP graphs acquired via contracting percolation clusters on graphs, and desk bound random graphs, together with the uniform countless planar triangulation (UIPT) and the stochastic hyperbolic planar quadrangulation (SHIQ).

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Let G be a graph, usually we discuss a transitive graph, but for concreteness one can think on Zd . Self avoiding walk (SAW) is a measure on random walks which is supported on paths that do not return to a vertex that already been visited. 31. • SAW(n) is the uniform measure on all self avoiding paths of length n starting from a fixed vertex. e. closed self avoiding paths) of length n starting from a fixed vertex. n/j1=n is the connective constant. n/j1=n . 32. G/ >0. Then loops < . Except for very small family of amenable vertex transitive graphs such as the ladder, we expect loops D .

V; E/ be a graph (finite or infinite), and fix a parameter p 2 Œ0; 1. d. By a percolation process we mean the diluted graph generated by removing all edges e 2 E such that Xe D 0. The remaining subgraph might not be connected and its connected components are called open clusters (or open components). We will denote the probability measure associated with this process by Pp . Below we will often talk about components, or more precisely open components, obtained by this process. e. the set of vertices w 2 V such that 9n 2 N and v0 ; v1 ; : : : ; vn 2 V satisfying v0 D v, vn D w, fvi vi C1 g 2 E and Xvi ;vi C1 D 1 for every 0 Ä i Ä n 1.

G 0 ; x 0 ; y 0 /. Finally assume that f is measurable in the space G of isometry classes of birooted graphs (with an easy extension of dloc ). 15 ([AL07, BS01b]). 2) G x2G such a random graph is also called unimodular (coming from the terminology of transitive graphs). Later such functions f will be called mass-transport functions and will be interpreted as a quantity of mass that x sends to y. 3 Unimodular Random Graphs 45 that the mean quantity of mass that the root receives. 16. G; / is formally an equivalence class of rooted graphs and not a specific rooted graph.

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