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Sato, “On a response characteristic of a mathematical neuron model,” Kybernetik, vol. 10, pp. 155–164, 1972. [19] J. J. Hopfield, “Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computation abilities,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, vol. 79, pp. 2554– 2558, 1982. [20] E. Ott, C. Grebogi, and J. A. Yorke, “Controlling chaos,” Phys. Rev. , vol. 64, pp. 1196–1199, 1990. [21] E. R. Hunt, “Stabilizing high-period orbits in a chaotic system: The diode resonator,” Phys. Rev. , vol. 67, pp. 1953–1955, Oct.

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