Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures

Fumbies lets players care for and play with magical creatures that inhabit a floating island in the clouds. Interact with your Fumbies by feeding them, training them and dressing them up in weird, quirky and hilarious outfits. Play mini games and decorate and upgrade the Fumbies floating island.


  • Train your Fumbies in three different attributes-strength, intelligence and charisma
  • Feed and care for up to four Fumbies
  • Unlock over a hundred costumes and accessories for your Fumbie including cowboy, astronaut and princess outfits.
  • Decorate your Fumbies’ home with 70 decorative items and upgrade the house up to three times
  • Watch your Fumbies interact with decorative items, such as sliding down the slide, watching television, and being fired from a cannon.
  • Play three different mini games to earn coins including a cloud washing, cloud catcher and cloud machine games

Published by Beeline Interactive, Inc. Developed by Meow Entertainment AB.